Mission #1: Spend Your Time and Money Wisely

The do-it-yourself approach to leadership recruiting and transition can be costly. To save money, some organizations depend on internal resources to find and evaluate candidates for all job levels. But that takes time — away from your services, your constituents, and your mission. While you jockey between recruiting and other critical duties, top talent is aggressively courted by and lost to other organizations. While we directly recruit for your top executives, we create recruiting and hiring systems to streamline your efforts in filling other staff positions. Leadership Recruiters ensures that the costs of recruiting time, training, and leadership development do not adversely impact your budget.

Mission #2: Reach for the Leadership Stars

Leadership Recruiters knows how to find high-caliber people who will add the necessary depth and breadth to your ranks. We target, locate, and carefully pre-screen socially responsible individuals who are not only actively seeking employment but also those who are enjoying success at their current posts. And we do so discreetly, and cost-effectively through our extensive professional networks. Most important, we know how to find you the people who best fit your organization’s culture, style, and mission.

Mission #3: Retain Talented Employees

For many service-driven organizations, keeping valued employees is a major challenge. There are also enormous costs associated with employee turnover. The climate of the workplace is critical in attracting and retaining employees and the reputation of your organization determines your attractiveness to future hires. By helping you refine your organization’s approach to staffing and workforce development, Leadership Recruiters enhances your employees’ sense of job satisfaction and commitment, and your bottom line.

Mission #4: Develop Tomorrow’s Leaders

While effective hiring and retention of personnel are vital to an organization’s performance, and appeal to clients and funders, leadership development is paramount for on-going success. Leadership Recruiters partners with you to understand your culture and long-term needs, while assessing your unique organizational objectives and leadership challenges. No matter what your size or stage of development, we will work side-by-side with you to build high performance teams.