Case Study #1: National Organization Requiring Rebuilding

A national organization serving a population with a debilitating disorder had been stunted in its growth by a lack of leadership at the staff and board level. Before we could effectively begin the recruiting process, we completed a comprehensive organization assessment with staff, board, and critical stakeholders. At our recommendation, an Interim Executive Director was hired to maintain operations, support staff, and prepare the organization for new leadership. [more …]

Case Study #2: Interim Executive Director Before A Search

An established multi-site organization serving women and children had benefited from the long tenure of their Executive Director. Unfortunately, the Deputy Director planned her retirement to coincide with the departure of the Executive Director. Now the organization faced a leadership vacuum as they embarked on hiring a new chief executive. [more …]

Case Study #3: Comprehensive Recruiting and On-Boarding Strategy

Following the transition of senior staff, the CEO/Executive Director of a comprehensive community services agency wanted to create one new role on the leadership team. To identify the challenges and competencies required for success in this new role, selected teams of managers, program directors, and members of the executive board were interviewed. [more …]