A Case Study

An established multi-site organization serving women and children had benefited from the long tenure of their Executive Director. Unfortunately, the Deputy Director planned her retirement to coincide with the departure of the Executive Director. Now the organization faced a leadership vacuum as they embarked on hiring a new chief executive. At our recommendation, an Interim Executive Director was hired to maintain operations, support staff, and prepare the organization for new leadership. This enabled the board to be focused on the recruiting process without the distractions of operational crises. After a thorough search process, which enabled staff to actively participate, a new chief executive was selected. The organization was ready to embrace a new leader and embark on new challenges since the Interim had strengthened the operations and management systems.

“Joyce and I finished our two year term as Co-Presidents. By far our biggest and best accomplishment was the hiring of Beth Sturman. We have you to thank for bringing her to us. She is the best thing to have happened to Laurel House. Within a very short time she has brought significant change to the organization with her calm and nurturing demeanor and her strong leadership qualities. You brought us an amazing person. One of the things Joyce and I have said is that we are so happy that we turned to you in our time of crisis. You really helped us.”

— Patricia Younce, Co-President, Laurel House