A Case Study

Following the transition of senior staff, the CEO/Executive Director of a comprehensive community services agency wanted to create one new role on the leadership team. To identify the challenges and competencies required for success in this new role, selected teams of managers, program directors, and members of the executive board were interviewed. Once the search committee engaged in the selection and interview process, it became evident that candidates demonstrated either strong operational competencies or impressive strategic competencies. By addressing this leadership talent challenge, the search committee tactically decided to capture the breadth of operational and strategic competencies — hiring both a Director of Program Operations and a Director of Strategic Initiatives. Once the hires were complete, we worked to further assist the CEO/Executive Director in successfully positioning these two new leadership roles, and to ensure a smooth integration of the two new hires with defined performance expectations and on-board coaching.

“I especially appreciated the way the process was organized. Lesley and Priscilla presented great candidates with different gifts and helped us determine what we needed. They did an excellent job of guiding us through the process. We made the decision, but they laid out all the information effectively. Most importantly, they kept us on track to move the process forward in a timely way. The on-boarding coaching was very helpful in that it encouraged open and direct dialogue with the new executives.”

— Cindy Ray, Chair, GPUAC Search Committee