Our goal is to match the most talented candidate to your leadership role. We take seriously our commitment to ensure success — for the organization and the new leader. For the past five years, executive coaching has played a key role in our work with clients. We are committed to executive coaching because we know it facilitates rapid assimilation of the new leader. In our experience, this has made a positive difference in how quickly the new leader can add value. A number of recent studies confirm a positive return on investment for coaching and indicate that services for senior leaders and executives are on the rise. Leadership Recruiters has been ahead of the curve in providing leadership assimilation coaching in tandem with the executive search process.

Executive coaching supports the new chief executive so that they can effectively:

  • identify and then focus on important learning objectives during the critical first months in the role;
  • navigate internal and external learning priorities;
  • connect and communicate with key stakeholders;
  • manage their new team;
  • work with their board of directors.

An executive coach provides an objective sounding board for the new leader and facilitates both the leadership assimilation and leadership development processes, ensuring that expectations are clearly articulated and understood. Coaching is provided as soon as the new leader assumes his or her role, so that ongoing support and development are there right from the beginning. The result is a smoother transition, stronger leader, successful assimilation, and a highly effective organization.

Leadership Recruiters partners with Lesley Mallow Wendell, president and founder of Rosewood Consulting Group, to provide executive coaching services for new leaders. Lesley often assists in the last stages of the due diligence process for the final candidate(s). In this way, she develops a depth and breadth of understanding about each leader’s strengths and potential opportunities for development within the new work environment and requirements of the role.

For more information contact us or visit TransitionWorks, a partnership between Leadership Recruiters and Rosewood Consulting Group, to learn more.