Here are some questions to consider before you begin your search:

  • Are you planning to replace a founder or a visionary leader?
  • Is this a new role or are you rehiring for an existing job?
  • Do you have an in-house process to assess leadership talent?
  • Is your management team prepared for a leadership change?
  • Have you engaged in a strategic planning initiative within the last two years?
  • How would your community stakeholders describe your organizational challenges?
  • Can you afford the time and wasted resources in a failed hire?

Size Matters.

At Leadership Recruiters, we work closely with our clients at all stages of the recruiting process, offering personalized service not available from larger recruiting firms.

We recognize how vital it is to secure and develop top leaders to ensure your organization’s success, as we:

  • partner with you to understand your culture and long-term needs,
  • assess your unique organizational objectives and leadership challenges,
  • help you to create or reevaluate the primary competencies of the leadership hire.