Executive Coaching Services

Posted on 27. Feb, 2012 by in Blog, Career, Nonprofit, Recruiting

For the past five years, executive coaching has played a key role in our work with clients. We are committed to executive coaching because we know it facilitates rapid assimilation of the new leader. In our experience, this has made a positive difference in how quickly the new leader can add value.  Leadership Recruiters has been ahead of the curve in providing leadership assimilation coaching in tandem with the executive search process.

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Looking for Leaders in All the Wrong Places

Posted on 17. Jan, 2012 by in Boards Behaving Better, Nonprofit, Recruiting

Have you had the experience of wondering if the person in charge of your business or nonprofit understood that power was not synonymous with leadership? What is often lacking is emotional intelligence — which is about how leaders handle themselves, their relationships and their world.

In recruiting for leaders of organizations in today’s rapidly changing environment, nothing is more central to a dynamic organization than its leader’s ability to deal with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty while guiding their teams to adapt and flourish in continual change.

When you are selecting a leader for your organization, here are several key points to consider, so you can distinguish managers from leaders and individual contributors from collaborative partners:

  • Have they positioned an organization to carry out their vision, and was it attainable?
  • Did their style of influence attract and energize people or did they manage by manipulation and punishments?
  • Can they describe how they coached to promote competencies?
  • How did they create achievable, challenging expectations, and how did they reward progress?
  • Have they valued loyalty over creativity?
  • How have they created high-performing teams?
  • Do they assess and encourage risk or look at every opportunity with their risk-averse blinders?

You don’t want people “cutting their teeth” at your organization’s expense! Leadership is an art — intellect and degrees do not Google Play Store Download determine capability. Just because someone tells you they are ready for leadership, be certain they can pass the above litmus test. Remember, this is the difference between selecting a date for the prom and selecting a marriage partner; the prom is a big splash but it’s just one night …

Branding Your Organization to Survive and Thrive

Posted on 16. Sep, 2010 by in Boards Behaving Better, Nonprofit, Recruiting, Retention

Like it or not, your organization has an employment brand — what you stand for as an employer. And this brand can greatly impact on your ability to recruit and retain the best talent. Organizations that have created a favorable organizational culture are natural magnets for good people. But if an organization\u2019s general reputation is less than positive, there will be problems attracting and keeping talented professionals, despite the current job market. For instance, if you have a reputation for high turn-over, the word is already out on the street.\n

Do you know how the current and former employees of your organization market your organization to their peers? Regardless of all your public relations efforts, this is the key to your organization\u2019s brand and identity.\n

Since hiring is such a huge chunk of your bottom line, a focus on your internal brand can enhance employee retention and decrease costs. When organizations become branded as preferred work settings, employees are coached, challenged and encouraged to work together to achieve the organization mission. As you reassess your programs and their viability in the current environment, this would be a good opportunity to assess your internal organization culture, in terms of talent management.\n

Here are several recruiting and retention questions to consider:\n


  • What do you do to attract passive candidates?\n
  • Do your internal recruiters screen for required competencies?\n
  • Is the acquisition of talent considered a top-level issue?\n
  • Is the retention of talent considered a top-level issue?\n
  • How do you reward your best performers?\n\n

    Next, position your organization on what you do best. Strengthen vital relationships with employees, funders, and key stakeholders while building retention and loyalty. Leaders with the vision, ingenuity, and courage to go against the grain of negativity in this current economic environment can avoid drastic action and buoy their organizations to new heights. They know the importance of an organization\u2019s employment brand.\n”Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)