Leadership Change and Transition Planning

Once the Founder or long-term leader’s departure is anticipated or occurs, leadership continuity planning prepares the organization and its stakeholders to manage the change in leadership in ways that create stability and resilience.  Essential components of transition planning include:

Incorporating change management processes into leadership continuity activities to:

  • understand organizational tolerance for and reaction to change;
  • help employees, board and other stakeholders understand their own ability to manage through a leadership change;
  • provide tools, techniques and resources to support organization during the leadership transition.

Transparency and active communication as critical components of leadership continuity planning in order to:

  • manage organizational expectations;
  • foster stakeholder and funder commitment throughout the transition process;
  • assist in the retention of key leaders and staff;
  • prepare the organization to welcome its new leader.


Executive Search

The first step is to establish criteria regarding the leadership competencies, as well as the qualifications considered most desirable in the new executive. We guide the search process and provide you with a dynamic slate of outstanding candidates that match the challenges and culture of your organization. As we move through the rest of the steps, we communicate with, and guide the search committee while:

  • conducting a targeted comprehensive national search for candidates who meet the leadership profile and job characteristics;
  • identifying and evaluating all prospective candidates and assisting you in the selection of a finalist slate;
  • guiding you through a comprehensive interview and selection process;
  • ensuring a smooth executive on-boarding/integration process.


Successor On-boarding

Working closely with the new leader, board leadership and senior staff, we ensure a smooth transition to new leadership by:

  • focusing on the alignment between the new leader, board leadership, the senior team and the organization’s strategic goals to support effective assimilation;
  • helping the new chief executive and board chair establish shared expectations with 30/60/90 day plans;
  • providing executive coaching for the new leader to support them through the initial months in the role.  This ensures alignment between the leader’s professional goals and the mission, vision and values of the organization.


Succession Planning at the Board

Smooth leadership transitions at the board level are as critical to organizational sustainability.  Facilitating an understanding of expectations and best practices at the board level leads to increased engagement. We work with boards to incorporate governance best practices and leadership development, including:

  • recommending optimal board executive and committee leadership competencies;
  • creating customized board assessments to measure the board’s ability to meet its goals and objectives;
  • coaching emerging board leaders;
  • facilitating dialogue between professional and board leadership.